Wednesday, February 20, 2013

After a Long Time ...

After a really really really (Ya ! I stress !) long time today I found some time for 'myself'. When I get 'that' time to get lost in 'my' Utopia I feel really fortunate and happy. A couple of months back Preeti asked me 'Aarthi your makeup blog is doing really well but don't you think you have completely abandoned your 'Utopia'? ' I couldn't reply her but I had to accept the hard truth - 'Yes I did abandon this space :(

Honestly, I never thought I'll go so far away from this space :( This was a place I completely enjoyed writing, sharing and of course this is my lil diary where I pen down all what I want to. Whenever I think about 'My Utopia' I always wanted to be here and never felt bored or lazy about it. So what made me come here today  is - a sweet comment from a lil friend of mine. Ipsy -You made my day ! She casually bumped into this place and fell in love with the way I write ! Ya she did ! Trust Me ! ;)

I was so happy and came back here to read all my ramblings ! It was so nice reading about myself :p Super fun I had and super happy I am. Knowing that I have a person who follows my blog and likes my crap.. well not :p I want to write more now. Hope I will [Me and My never ending promises.. sigh..]

Happy Me ! Love All !


  1. Well it is the truth! I fell in love with it and still am :) And now since you mentioned me in your blog, I'm going to be famous!! Eeeeepps ;D I didn't ever think I could have been the motivation of an amazing writer :)

  2. So its just 5 days.... when is your next post coming?
    Just kidding :-)


Nice to see you here. Thanks for dropping by..keep coming :)