Thursday, November 20, 2008

Terrifying ‘M’ Factor

I’d say something that irritates me the most next to driving in Chennai roads will be this ‘M’ factor. Well, it will be easy for anyone (or at least for the people of my age group) to guess what this ‘M’ factor is all about… for the rest let me say it is this terrifying ‘M’ ‘M’ ‘M’ ‘M’ ‘Marriage’.

If you hate me to the core (or) you are too jealous of me being happy and smiling all the time (or) you just feel like irritating me, all you have to do is just say that word to me… but make sure the very next second you vanish away from my sight or else I’d guarantee that you can find our names in Newspaper the next day for you being killed and me becoming the murderer.

I’m so damn frustrated with everyone around me talking about it all the time....Grrrrrr
The concept of “Arranged Marriage” (as my Sydney friends stress those words within quotes) sounds really weird and makes me think is so absurd.
Step 1: X and Y meet
Step 2: Exchange looks and smiles
Step 3: Talk for a max of 30 mins
Step 4: Parents say ‘Yes’ as they like the family and astrologer says they make a great pair.
Step 5: Decide the life partner in less than a month.
Though this process has proved to be surprisingly successful…I still can’t accept it.

All of a sudden from no where comes my aunt’s sister’s husband’s brother’s wife’s mom who would have met me a couple of times (that too unwillingly), will pour so much of love on me that she keeps bugging my parents about why haven’t they got me married to anyone!!!!!! [She would not even remember my name properly, confusing it with my sister’s name often.] I’ll then carry a broad smile with sooooooo-sweet-of-you-aunty look in my face and I let only my mind speak “Why the hell are you bothered about me now?” This will eventually make my parents worry for a week or two, thinking they skipped to perform their duty as parents, blah blah blah….

Hallo, What is the big deal here? I still have time or I need time. Now don’t ask me ‘How long?’ When my parents still feel that I’m not grown up enough to drive a car myself, don’t you think I’m too young for this ‘M’ stuff ;) My dad calls this a ‘Clever stupid logic’ but yaaa I can’t do something or pretend to like something when I don’t really believe or agree to it. This is going to be my future and 2nd half of my life, I really can’t rush and decide something but my parents can’t wait. :(

This life as a single is so much fun-filled, why would anyone like to take risk or gamble in life? Don’t you agree guys and girls????


  1. Hey Aarthiiiiiiiiiii... you made my day :)
    By any chance did you read my mind? This was the xact thought process that rocks my mind too very often.

    Infact next week, Im heading back to India... I have already preparg myself with good amt of answers to all this uncle's & aunty's :)

    It defntly feels insecure to get married to a stranger. Also "Single's Rock" what you say?

  2. hm. come to bangalore and drive - thn u will realize chennai traffic is not that bad.... :)
    and marriage - well, my line is - say NO to marriage until and unless teh person feels itz time for him/her to get married...

    herz a toast to singledom...

  3. Hey gurl

    Not only are our names the same, but our thots also seem to match to the dot!!!

    i swear.. i get so annoyed, and yep, if u wanna piss me off, use the M word!!:D

    I love my life and am sure if and when i come across someone i like, the M shall happen.. if not, so what.. i am happy,.. shouldnt that be the bottom line????

    Hey Cm-chap -- welcome to the gango :D

  4. @ALL 3
    Hey....You 3 made me so happy today.. :) Thank God I'm not the only one suffering this..I've got a bunch of ppl to support me...Am really really really eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  5. @CM-Chap
    He he.. I dont read mind but I'm happy that I tried ;) All the best for your visit...Have fun and just skip these auntys and uncles...:)

    I've heard about B'lore traffic too and I've been there too :( n hey yaaaa singles rockkkkkk :)

    Hey dear..yaaa.... I agree with you...101%...gurls rock... Aarthi's rock and finally singles rockk :)

  6. Aarthi: Great article & some prolific thoughts.

    But what you would suggest? any new method of marrying out
    there :-)

  7. How are you?
    Ha ha. This is all part of life. And its thrilling if you go through all phases of life. Anyway, I have update my blog.

  8. heheh........ its the same thing at every1s place...
    dnt get too tensed bout these things... when it has to happen it will...
    btw ive finished ur tag after long time.. check it out..

  9. i know, i know, relatives make life miserable...i hope you can convince your parents about wanting to wait for teh rite time...all teh best...

  10. Whether arranged by your parents or by yourself, at the end of the day what matters is that both of you respect, care, love each other (in that order) in all circumstances. However, this period of time when relatives are extra concerned about you and parents are forever worried about your wedding- sure shot indication that something is about to happen ;) Enjoy your single life till it lasts, then its time to enjoy single life with someone else! hahaha! All the best dear, just hang in there!!

  11. @Karthick
    Love Marriages ???

    Will chk that out soon...:)


    @Writing for Crows
    Thank You :)

    Thank You...:)

    Donno why Aashi I'm not having fun in this process.. rather it makes me tensed/upset/irritated ... :(

  12. Wish you a Happy Pongal
    Life is one big gamble. We have to go through it,ie whichever is acceptable to us !
    Arranged marriages do work,Love marriages fail too..So approach life as it comes ,without inhibitions,with a belief that it will work positively..Afterall ,one has to take life as it unfolds,& one does not have much choice ,afterall !!lol

  13. @CU
    Ya... I agree. Though we all hesitate to take risk in life, our entire life involves risk as we have to accept and face whatever is destined.


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